About Us


Zanshin is a Japanese term that loosely translates to "remaining spirit". In the martial arts specifically it refers to a particular state of heightened awareness before, during, and even after a conflict. In modern times we might say "prepare, execute, follow through". 

Zanshin Martial Arts was born from the desire to educate people in the vastly colorful traditions of the combative arts of Asia. We agree that the fighting skills are pretty cool, but it is the mindset that truly makes them into something special. We hope to teach others that mindset and hope to apply it to so much more than kicks and punches.

Our Facility

 Located in Westwood Plaza at 120th and Center near Westwood Cinema, our training facility is just right for you and your family. We have one large training floor that we can use to run two standard classes simultaneously or to hold large seminars. Our mat floor helps protect students from accidental falls (and crash mats for when we practice falling on purpose). We have a host of different training aids for all ages including hand targets, heavy bags, and obstacles. 

 Our Instructors

Our diverse staff of instructors can meet your needs.


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