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Master McCarthy performing a Center Lock Throw

A Korean self-defense system, Hapkido is known as the "way of coordinated power". It focuses on using joint manipulation, balance disruption, and using circular energy. The goal is to work with what the attacker gives you by harmonizing with them as opposed to trying to destroy them through opposing force. It is an excellent choice for modern self-defense whether you are in law enforcement, are a stay at home mom, or are a senior citizen. Zanshin offers the Chon-Tu Kwan Hapkido system through the International Combat Hapkido Federation.

Master McCarthy performs a Hurricane Kick

Taekwondo is a modern Korean martial arts system with roots in Karate. Due to the natural power of the legs Taekwondo favors jumping, spinning, and combination kicking techniques. It is also one of two Asian combat systems that has been featured in the Olympics. Zanshin's Taekwondo has roots in more than one system of traditional Taekwondo. It has also had elements of Karate reintroduced into it. Zanshin is affiliated with the United States Kido Federation for Taekwondo.
Master Scott Taylor in a classic stick fighting posture from Arnis.



Arnis is a collection of fighting practices from the Philippines. FMA are primarily weapon-based combatives using the stick, knife, and varieties of short sword. There are also empty hand components much like other methods of hand-to-hand combat. Zanshin's Arnis is descended from the Presas family style that eventually became Kombatan. 

TRU - Trained, Ready, Unafraid

Women's Personal Protection & Empowerment

The TRU program was born out of the need to supply women with personal protection options taught by only those who could truly understand their feelings and concerns - other women! TRU is a specialty program promoting awareness & empowerment for women in our community without men present.

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