Tamren Cardwell

“Dan McCarthy is one outstanding teacher! School is clean and VERY welcoming to students of ALL skill sets.”

Susan & Pat McClaughry

“Our Family has trained under Master Dan for years! He is enthusiastic about martial arts, creative in his teachings, requires respect, and helps kids learn why and how they can incorporate martial arts into their lives! And he is fun!” - Susan

”Wonderful instructors and family friendly.” - Pat

Alex Marasco

“Master McCarthy was a great role model for me. I gained a lot of confidence from being a student of his!”

Holly Arndt 

“I would highly recommend Zanshin to anyone who wants positive instructors who are genuinely interested in helping students become better versions of themselves. It’s been only 9 months since my son has been cleared to resume physical activity with his chronic hip disease. It’s amazing how much progress he has had both physically and with self-confidence in such a short time. If anyone has been interested in even just trying martial arts I would absolutely encourage them to check it out.”

Master Brian Basiaga

“I trained up through the ranks along side Master Dan for many years. He has a real understanding of the principles and techniques he teaches, but most importantly he understands how to teach them. You will get honest instruction, individual attention, and plenty of support. At Zanshin you will find a top-tier program and instructors.”


What are the benefits of Martial Arts Training?

Martial arts are a holistic method of practice. You will improve coordination, focus, self-confidence, and endurance all while making a new set of friends.

Will Martial Arts help my child get in shape or lose weight?

Martial arts is a total body activity. It can assist in improved flexibility, conditioning, and strength. Coupled with a sensible diet it can also assist in weight loss.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable and modest clothing. Proper gym attire is usually best for the first class.

When can students start, is there an enrollment period?

New students can start at any time.

How old does my child need to be to start Martial Arts?

We start as young as age 3. We have classes that work well with any age group as far as class length and age appropriate course material.

Where is the school located?

In Westwood Plaza @ 120th & Center in Omaha, NE. 

2809 S 125th Ave Ste 283

Will Martial Arts help my child become confident?

Speaking from personal experience, yes. We have seen this not only in ourselves but also our own children.

Will martial arts make my child aggressive?

No, not at all. Emotional management and respect for others are important aspects of martial arts training. These are elements that take time to instill, but if anything your child will be more assertive in behaviors while being less aggressive.

How can we start?

Click the button below to sign up for a FREE class. Please arrive roughly 10 minutes before your appointment to familiarize yourself and/or child with the school and staff.